East-West Teaching University

East-West Teaching University (EWUNI)

About College

The East West Teaching University (Tbilisi, Georgia) was founded recently on the joint decision of the founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees of Khazar University, Prof. Hamlet Isakhanli and former vice-rector of the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Prof. Teimuraz Khurodze. This decision was supported by a well-known businessman in Georgia, Ph.D. Zaza Nishnianidze. It is one of the most outstanding institutions in the region, with its material base, academic personnel with adequate competence, and educational programs with modern standards.

Learning Process

As East-West Teaching University’s (hereinafter-The university) mission is based on the following principles: Transparency/equity, social responsibility, high-quality instruction and orientation on the research, it aims to develop educational product of a good quality and offer diverse services to students which will be oriented on actualizing their abilities.

The University considers, effective regulation of the learning process is crucial in context to successfully conduct educational activities, accordingly, key aspect of its consistent development is-formulation of regulatory document of the learning process, in which procedures/rules connected with the learning process administration will be declared, which promotes reasonable planning and administrating learning process at the University.

The present document is oriented on the students’ interests and regulates such important issues as follows: to acquire, suspend student status, mobility, evaluation of the achievements, recognition of the completed education, awarding qualification etc. The university is sure that actualization of the regulatory law of the learning process is only possible in the event of its consistent and proper fulfilment by the individuals involved in the process.

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